Catheter Care

Title: Catheter Care

Duration: 1 Hours

Maximum Students: 

Certification: In House or awarding body


This course is designed for candidates who have little or no knowledge on how to care for a patient that has an indwelling catheter. It will give them the basic and core knowledge required to help and support an individual who requires assistance with their urinary catheter, as well as looking as some of the key points around infection control, troubleshooting and effective record keeping and documentation.


By the end of the course candidates will understand the following

• To identify what a Urinary Catheter is, and the different types available

• List the reasons why a Urinary Catheter may be required

• Describe the Anatomy and Physiology associated with the Urinary Tract

• Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Urinary Catheterisation

• List the various applications that are available for Urinary Catheters

• State the appropriate infection control measures required when delivering good catheter care

• Analyse problems that may be faced by a person who has a urinary catheter and how they may be rectified by yourself or a member of the Health and Social Care Team

• Appropriate documentation and record keeping for catheter care

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