Nutrition And Hydration

Title: Nutrition and Hydration 

Duration: 1 Day

Maximum Students: 12

Certification: In House or awarding body


This course is suited best to those who are involved in the planning and provision of meals for those in care. It provides a solid insight into the basics of good nutrition as well as providing practical guidance for how to put these into practice within a care setting. Attending delegates will also look briefly at Food Hygiene. 

If you are part of a team responsible for people’s nutrition and hydration, it’s important that you understand the terms that are being used, the nutritional requirements of the service users and the possible consequences of getting it wrong

This course will start by defining the various terms used when talking about nutrition and hydration in care environments, the basic elements of nutrition and eating a healthy balanced diet, identify the reasons why vulnerable people might suffer with dehydration and the tools you can use to identify people that are at risk of malnutrition and the steps you can take to deal with this condition.

On this course You Will Learn:

• About the different types of nutrients our body needs and the various categories these nutrients can be broken down into.

• What the benefits of water and staying hydrated are.

• How the Eatwell Guide can help ensure you maintain a balanced diet.

• How malnutrition is defined and the role the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool plays in identifying malnutrition.

By the end of Taking This Course your be able to:

• You will be able to identify the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body.

• You will have a better understand what different foods are made of and which category of nutrient they fall under.

• Your knowledge will allow you to identify the signs of malnutrition and dehydration and equip you with preventative steps.

• Your knowledge will help improve your awareness of healthy eating and allow you to make more informed choices with regards to a balanced diet.


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