Bowel Management
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Title: Bowel Management 

Duration: 1 Days 

Maximum Students: 12 

Certification: Awarding Body or In House 


Bowel management is the process which a person with a bowel disability uses to managefaecal incontinence or constipation. People who have a medical condition which impairs control of their defecation use bowel management techniques to choose a predictable time and place to evacuate.

This bowel management training aims to raise awareness and knowledge in relation to bowel management and incontinence.

This course is ideal for care staff responsible for the day to day care of individuals who require assistance with bowel management.

Effective bowel management is especially important for spinal injury patients and those at risk of autonomic dysreflexia.


By the end of this course, learners will understand:

• What is incontinence

• What is constipation 

• Contributing factors to incontinence

• Complications of constipation 

• Infection control


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