Equality And Diversity
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Title: Equality and Diversity 

Duration: 1 Day

Maximum Students: 12 

Certification: Awarding Body or In House 


The Equality and Diversity training course has been created to help learners understand more about their and employers responsibilities for promoting equality and diversity within the workplace.

The course provides an introduction to the Equality Act 2010 and details each of the protected characteristics so you can learn more about what they are and how to avoid discrimination through your words and actions in the workplace.

This course is suitable for students of all skill levels, including employers, managers, supervisors, full-time or part-time workers, as it is everyone’s responsibility in the workplace for supporting equality and diversity. 


By the end of the course students will:


• Understand their workplace responsibilities as stated by the Equality Act 2010.

• Have knowledge of the protected characteristics that are covered by the law.

• Understand what is meant by discrimination and be able to recognise the different types in the workplace.

• Understand what is deemed as prohibited conduct within the Equality Act.

• Be aware of the importance of equality and diversity training so that the workplace and everyone within it can become more tolerant and understanding.


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