Peg Feeding
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Duration: 1 Hours

Maximum Students: 

Certification: In House or awarding body


This PEG feeding training course aims to familiarise students with the reason and methods of PEG Feeding (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy).

A vital course for any staff that comes into contact regularly with service users who utilise a PEG.


Our PEG feeding training will raise awareness and familiarise staff with the various types of PEG feeding and medication administration techniques including the use of machines, ensuring staff have sufficient knowledge to work safely with them.


By the end of the course student will have studied the following

• The purpose of PEG feeding

• Conditions which may require a PEG

• Indications and contra indications of PEG

• The procedures for feeding and administering medications via PEG

• Recognising, dealing with and reporting complications

• The care and maintenance of enteral feeding tubes

• Procedures for effective mouth care

• Documentation and record keeping

• Practical session


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